Hello, I'm Sean. This is my website.


You can buy stuff from me to wear, eat, read and wash with. I really do not mind how you use the items you purchase.



You can order my book 'Local Zero' from Amazon. Paperback, Hardback and E-book available. Here's the blurb: Gustavo Mitchwell used to be a good neighbour. John has fond childhood memories of living next door to him and his family. After Gus' marriage breaks down, though, and Gus is left alone his life spirals out of control and he falls into the clutches of the amoral Rocko and his obnoxious crew. Rocko brings pandemonium to Gus home, as well as a pervasive odour and the bizarre dress sense of a Liberace/Missy Elliot love child. Gus becomes the neighbour from hell, spelling the beginning of a nightmare for John and his mum. Subjected to blaring music at all hours, drugs and shouting, and visitors of a questionable nature day and night, John and his mum come to dread being in their own home. There seems little can be done to stop it, and when John's mum gets sick, the unfairness seems all the greater. What can they do against such awful behaviour but try to stop it day after day and hope things will change. Laced with black humour, Local Zero is the poignant catalogue of their misfortune



Some unique mugs based on my animations can be purchased here, as can other mugs that are not based on my animations. Search for 'Animercho' on Amazon. There's not really much else to say about this. But being neurotic there was far too much text above so I am just writing stuff here to make the page feel a little more balanced.


Therefore I'm going to list my top ten films, in no particular order: Alien, Jurassic Park, 2001, Evil Dead 2, Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween (1978)), Return of the King, Rear Window, There Will Be Blood, The Raid. This is subject to change depending on season, mood and age.

prawnimation_local_zero_book_cover_front sandwich



Yes, I'm doing the internet equivalent to 'trick or treating'. I try as hard as possible to to keep making silly bits and bobs to entertain your eyeballs. If you like anything I do, or are part of my little cult Youtube following then please feel free to buy me lunch. I love sandwiches.


If not, then please just send me some positive thoughts and sandwich-based love.


Thanks all!