Hello, I'm Sean. This is my website.



In a time past, a luckless and lonely doll-maker passes his days walking the streets and canals to his shop and home again. Watching the world go by without him, he longs for the happiness others have. Could a doll of his own ease his heartache? Or will things go from bad to worse?


Wood is an eerie animated fairytale about guilt and loneliness, and the past coming back to haunt you.



Directors | Sean Sears / Tor Freeman

Writers | Sean Sears / Tor Freeman

Illustration | Tor Freeman

Animation | Sean Sears

Music | Kevin Dawson

Sound Design | Tom Lowe

I'm currently working on three more short films that I can't upload yet as they are either being entered into festivals or are unfinished



I rigged all of the characters and props in this multiple-festival selection film Laika which was produced by the NFTS. I animated many scenes on this short film too.


All animation and rigging was in Illustrator CelAction2D. Directed by Avgousta Zourelidi.


CelAction2D | Illustrator | Photoshop