By Prawnimation, May 5 2016 01:44PM

I've been working with the lovely guys at Beagle, 3AM, Happen Digital and Tiger Aspect over the past few weeks on lots of fun short-term projects. The next few weeks will be the same. So no personal bits have been worked on of late, but watch this space, I'll have some stuff up soon. Here's a link to an old thing I like that I made at uni:


PS - Don't literally watch that space. Your time could be used much more productively

By Prawnimation, Apr 11 2016 05:21PM

It was my birthday a few weeks back. These were the nerdiest editions to Studio Sears. Thunderlips and Ruby Rhod are winning the obscurity award. Thanks guys.

By Prawnimation, Feb 25 2016 08:52PM

Please check out these crazy and fun little stings I made at the wonderful 'The Operators' between September and December.

Rules were:

- Stings must not exceed 20 seconds

- Stings must be made from Google search imagery only

- Stings must be made from scratch in under 5 hours

- Stings must be made at 1:1

One of the Thanksgiving animations were not used due to some unfortunate but coincidental political timing. Hopefully it can be now viewed with the harmlessness, silliness and humour in which I originally intended it.



By Prawnimation, Feb 25 2016 08:49PM

We spotted some of the THR3E Network 'Jackson' films we worked on at Waterloo station. Which was cool

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